Home Again, Home Again……

…..all in one weekend….LOL

I am home from retreat and apparently I was in a very Pink mood. All except one of my projects that I worked on this weekend was predominantly Pink.

As always I had a ball! Spent the weekend laughing and sewing with my BFF Nancy as well as our other Sundae Quilter Buds!

I spent alot of time leading up to retreat getting projects together and that really helped my productivity. I had my projects pre-cut and just sewed along for 2 1/2 days. Here is what I finished:
*Butter Charm & Jelly Quilt Top using Moda’s A Little Romance Jelly Roll & Charm Packs
*Weed Whacker Quilt Top using Moda’s Quilt Pink II Jelly Roll & Lime green yardage (this pattern was adapted from Bonnie’s site in order to use the 2 1/2″ strips that make up the Jelly Rolls
*Turning Twenty Around the Block using 12 FQs & the fairy blocks I embroidered earlier this year
*Charm Party Tote using Moda’s Stash Management charm pack and lined with a Loralie Ladies tomato pincushions on black print

Everything that I worked on this weekend came directly from my stash. I shopped my stash instead of the LQS and it felt great!!!
This weekend I also turned over my charms for the No Buy Challenge on Stashbuster. So I am going to try to curb my impulse fabric purchases. It won’ebe easy with all of the new lovelies that are coming out from the manufacturers (especially Moda), but I have lots and lots of lovelies to use already.
I also managed to exercise self control and only spent money on a massage at retreat. Despite the fact that the LQS set up a mini shop at the retreat center and tempted me with lovely yarage of luscious fairy frosts among other things. I also stayed clear of the bolts of fabric that another gal brought to sell to retreaters (at the last retreat I spent way too much on her Robyn Pandolph fabrics). So I managed to get over the first hurdle of my year of not buying! Yay!


  1. Beautiful quilt tops! You were so productive – did you take anytime to relax? congrats on the stash control. I need to exercise a bit of that myself.

  2. love the bag- a charm pattern???Please share the link- pretty please also share your weedwacker jelly roll cuts…I ended up doing the pineaplle blossom as I was too lazy to figure out the math- and I have a ton- really a ton of blue 2 1/2″ strips – I’m seeing a blue and white weedwacker in my future.So where was the retreat????? details, Beth, we need more details 🙂

  3. WOW – you accomplished so much!! Great quilts made and ALL FROM STASH. And … no fabric bought. You are amazing. Keep up the good work :)Helen (fellow Stashbuster member)

  4. I’ve been lurking for a while, but I had to come out to say I love the first quilt posted. Those colors are fantastic together. Beautiful!

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