An Afternoon with Bonnie Hunter!!!

I spent the afternoon in Woodbridge VA attending the Boxy Stars workshop with Bonnie Hunter. We had a wonderful afternoon and got alot accomplished! I’m doing my top using Hawaiian prints and am hoping to have it finished before next weekend as a gift. I’ll keep you all posted! Here’s some pics from this afternoon with Bonnie. I can’t wait until October when she comes to my guild in PA!!!!

So I managed to bust 5 yards of stash so far on this top WAHOOOO!!!


  1. I’m sure that a day with Bonnie was very informative and special. I like the Hawaiian Boxy Stars start, and am looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Love the boxy star blocks and the reading on your blog is awesome. Very fun and inspirational..can’t wait to see your quilt top finished.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Bonnie is going to be in PA???!!! Will the meeting be open to non-members?? Can I come??!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty please. . . .Sherry V.

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