My New Leader Ender Project!

Well I had to start another project……and what better way to start a new project than to piece it together while piecing another project!!! When I saw this blog post I fell in LOVE!!! and went to work straight away on drafting a pattern in EQ6. I knew I wanted to use a jelly roll and just went from there in determining what size pieces to cut!!

So this is what I had when I went into the studio this afternoon…..

And this is what I turned it into…….

And soon it will become……..



  1. I really liked the quilt that Darlene made, too. Your fabrics look pretty. Hope you get those leaders and enders going in a hurry. *s*

  2. Love the freshness of that jelly roll, it keeps escaping from my clutches…..You are a clever girl using EQ. I started with EQ4 then 5 and now 6 and have to admit it is one where I could do with lessons.Or much more practice.

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