Quilty Weekend!!

Well I have been quite busy. I’ve quilted 2 of 3 surprise quilts for others (I’ll post pictures when they are received). Yesterday I went up to Pennsylvania to sew with my Sundae Quilters Group. I finally got around to making my Sundae Quilter Tote Bag. I even used a twin needle for the first time to quilt the outside of the bag 🙂

Then when I got home I washed a baby quilt I made to give to some friends from work who just had a baby girl 3 weeks ago.

And since I didn’t have a gift bag to put the quilt in, I whipped up a little tote bag for the quilt.
I also wanted to share my new lime green Tutto bag. I got it last week and used it this weekend…..It’s just perfect!!


  1. Your tote bags are cute. What a great idea to make a tote bag for the baby quilt. I’ll have to remember that the next time I give a baby quilt. I love the color of your Tutto bag.

  2. Love the lime green Tutto bag!Your baby blanket is just adorable – love the gift bag you made! Your sundae tote is too cute!Great job!Linda

  3. Great idea to make a bag for the quilt. I’ll remembe that. You are going to LOVE that Tutto. I have one in purple and don’t know how I made it without it!

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