Wonderful Mail Day!!

The last 2 days have been wonderful in my mailbox!!! I received 3 very special packages……
#1 – in November 2007 I joined a 15 month Round Robin with several other bloggers that was slated to end this month, so the finished projects have been trickling home. My little beauty arrived home yesterday. Today I had the chance to really look at my lovely quiltlet. I started with the little shoofly block in the upper left corner and the only guidelines I provided were “Please use pinks, greens & creams”. I am in awe of the finished quilt!! I cannot wait to hang this little treasure in my office at work!!! Thank you to all of the ladies that had a part in making this quilt, I am thrilled!!!
#2 – I am a member of the Machine Quilting Professionals yahoo list and after the Secret Sister program started, some members were feeling a little left out. So, Cynthia started the Red-Headed Step Child swap for those of us that didn’t join the Secret Sister program. Each month we send a little giftie to Cynthia and she puts those gifts into a big box. Then she draws a name to determine which of us will receive the box that month. January I was apparently chosen as the lucky recipient!! Well I gotta tell you, I sure don’t feel like the red-headed step child right now!! The box was chock full of quilty goodness!!! I am in awe and absolutely floored by all the goodies!!! Thanks so much to all the Red-Headed Step Children that helped put a big smile on my face 🙂
#3 – My mini group, the Sundae Quilters, got together before the guild meeting this past Saturday to exchange our Secret Santa gifts. I was unable to join my friends because a nasty storm was headed our way, and I drive a little over 2 hours each way over a few mountains to get to the guild meeting. So my BFF, Nancy, mailed my gift to me. Jan got my a Gypsy Rose jelly roll….You have no clue how tickled I am about this gift!!! I am a HUGE fan of Fig Tree and love anything they design!!! This is a jelly roll that I have been lusting after for awhile and now I have it in my hot little hands 🙂 Thanks a million Jan!!!
So even though I’m not feeling 100% right now (picked up a stomach flu bug) I have a silly smile on my face 🙂
Thanks so much everyone!!!


  1. Just leave me that RR in your will would ya please?? I loved working on that one. Hope my quilting skills were ok. What are the things behind/around the buttons?

  2. And it’s not even your Birthday? Nice RR. Was it all quilted too? Glad that I’m not the only one who drools over squishies.

  3. Fig tree quilts has a very cute lone star quilt pattern that uses jelly rolls. I’m looking for the perfect fabric to make a few.

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