Saturday Quiltathon Progress!

I have gotten alot accomplished today in the studio……

Last night I pulled out the strips I needed for the borders of my Trip Around the World. Today I pieced the borders and attached them to the top. I also cut the binding strips (I’ll be using the same pourple as the inner border) and pulled out the backing fabric.

I hope to get the quilt loaded onto the frame and the bobbins ready for me to get it quilted tomorrow.

I love Quiltathon weekends!



  1. I am totally impressed that you have created a Trip Around the World. And slightly jealous! You are an inspiration. I just learned thet my favorite quilt shop is having Friday Night UFO drop in sew nights. Every Friday. It might not sound too sexy, but I am very excited about the idea of completing things! And having a nightlife LOL

  2. Wow, that's pretty!I took a TATW class with Norma Campbell & actually finished my quilt. I always think that I'd like to do another & then I remember how much work they are!

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