Stash Report: Week 14

Well I told you all that the report this week would be kinda selvedgesbleak.  My wonderful BFF, Nancy, and I spent the weekend sewing together last weekend and while I was there she gifted some lovely fabrics to me……15 yards worth in total.  I cannot wait to use the fabrics and I’m thrilled to have them in my stash….

Here’s this week’s report:

Fabric added this week: 15 yards
Fabric added year to date: 29.5 yards
Fabric used this week: 0yards
Fabric used year to date: 49 yards

YTD Net fabric busted: 19.5 yards

I’ll try to do some serious busting this coming week……



  1. That is some friend!! Is she busting her stash to, and can now count that as ‘used’ while you have to put it as ‘added’?? 😉 And I noticed the selvages too!! I was not going to even think about keeping them (I keep way to many scraps that most would call unusable…) but I saw a pillow made out of selvages and now I am creating a pile of them myself!! I thought it was just a cute accent to a sewing room, that now I want one of my own!!And I was just teazing about the gift of fabric you recieved!! That is a BFF!! And now you have even more to create with!! Enjoy the gift!!

  2. Wait Beth: You made a purse — doesn’t that count as fabric used? Or did you, gasp, buy it? I haven’t had much luck with stashbusting recently either. I’m not brave enough to report it weekly, I’m sticking to monthly. I looked great for March — nothing bought — but 5 days into April… not so good! Oh well…

  3. Hi mate, I love the tally of stash, mind you , if I did that and ray saw that I would be divorced..rofl.does dh see your tally? cheers

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