Spoils from Maryland Sheep & Wool!!

On Saturday my mom, my knitting buddy Melissa and I went to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds. We had a fantastic time!! My birthday is coming up so Mom decided to give me cash instead of trying to figure out what to buy me. And I had a wonderful time fondling yummy yarns!!

Here’s what came home with me:

004 Socks That Rock (2 Mill Ends & 1 Rare Gems), Creatively Dyed (1 skein Beaches & 1 Calypso) & Shelby B Designs (Supreme Sock)

008Shalimar Yarns (2 Zoe Sock), Cherry Tree Hill (1 Sockittome, 1 Supersock Select Lace), Serendipitous Ewe (1 Lucky Sock) & Dragonfly Fibers (1 Naiad Sock)

There were so many other lovely yarns that I would have loved to bring home, but these were the yarns that I had in mind when I left for the festival.

We also saw lots of adorable sheep…… and ALPACAS!!




  1. Woo-hoo, I was there too and everything was beautiful! If only I had more money to spend. I like how you've listed your goals and have done next to them on your blog.

  2. Those yarns are gorgeous. I have yet to go to a Wool Festival…but it is on my list. My wish list is an Angora Goat Farm too..maybe someday. Thanks for your inspirational blog!

  3. Wow, Beth, those yarns are yummy. Bet you can hardly wait to "cast on". Next time you come up to visit, bring some of your socks so I can drool, will ya?Judie

  4. Those colors are all yummy! If only they were size 12 threads for crazy quilting, I'd be so envious! LOL. Thank goodness I don't knit. All I need is another stash. I think these would have tempted me anyway.

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