Yarntervention needed……

Well I’ve been telling my knitting group that I’m in serious need of a “Yarntervention”.  I have gone totally yarn buying crazy over the last year or so.  Hubby keeps saying that just because he got a better paying job doesn’t mean that I need to spend all the extra on yarn….

For some reason I can’t seem to pass up a good sale….a Loopy Ewe Monday Update…a Fresh From the Cauldron update….you get the picture…

Here’s some of the stash…


And another drawer…


This is the same drawer but you can see that the drawer is big enough that there’s a row behind the row that you see from the front of the drawers (the drawers in the first picture are the same)


And this is the bin that won’t fit into the stash drawers…


And then there was the Loopy Ewe Monday Update….


And finally the Opal Sock Yarn sale at Simply Socks Yarn Company that JudyL “mentioned” on her blog last week.


I really need to stop….Today I ordered yarn from Loopy Ewe for the Fourth Quarter Challenge and Fresh From the Cauldron had an update with more yummy True Blood yarns…..sigh



  1. I can definitely relate…have decided I need to live to be at least 800 in order to use it all up. And then there's the fabric? Do you have some of that stashed away also? Don't ask.

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