Yarn Report – February 21st

Well this week is a much more manageable yarn report.  I ordered special limited edition yarns for Valentine’s Day from Canon Hand Dyes.  They are inspired by 80’s movie icons Cory Haim & Corey Feldman…….


Added this week:  4 skeins
Used this week:  0 skeins

Added YTD:  85 skeins
Used YTD:  7 skeins

Net Added in 2014:  78 skeins

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  1. LOL Yea it looks that way doesn’t it?? And OMG I’m having a blast. I just can’t seem to pass up a sale for some reason. Right now I have a cart sitting at Loopy for the next challenge when really I could just knit from stash, it’s not like I don’t have variegated yarns sitting in the studio bought from TLE… I’m sure I will push the “Buy” button and you’ll see it show up on the report next week. Thanks for doing these yarn reports, it really does make me think about the volume of yarn that comes into and out of my studio 🙂 Beth

    Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 05:25:57 +0000 To: mdquilter@hotmail.com

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